Mission Statement

It is the Mission Statement of DEWALT CONTRACTORS ® and it’s Chief Executive Officer to provide skilled certified individuals who have undergone criminal background checks and are legal U.S. citizens that have exemplarily craftsmanship to aid in the successful construction of our client’s project.

Furthermore, we maintain a healthy, drug free workplace environment that participates with law enforcement for the screening of all DEWALT CONTRACTORS ® employees. We hire individuals of all ethnicities, races, genders, and transgenders. We do NOT discriminate against age, political affiliation/association, race, gender, origin of birth and/or physical disability.

In addition, we welcome ALL veterans in good health and those who may have limitations. We will work hard to find ALL veterans a place in our organization. We even offer therapeutic mission based assignments to aide in the rehabilitation of our veterans. DEWALT CONTRACTORS ® is proud to hire veterans of ALL branches of the armed forces.

We provide our employees a harassment free workplace. We do not tolerate bullying, sexual-harassment, discrimination and intimidation for any reason.

All employees are provided the latest personal protection equipment (hardhat, goggles, ear protection, gloves, knee & elbow pads, reflective gear and anti skid in shock boots) while they perform construction. They also receive training on how to successfully negotiate the equipment to ensure the maximum amount of safety and production.

DEWALT CONTRACTORS ® would also like to provide a sense of safety, security and integrity to every client’s construction site. This means clearly marking the construction zone with caution tape, orange cones, reflective signs and flashing lights and barricades (where & when applicable). We will secure all equipment and any not-in- use material on the construction site in our vehicles and/or site storage containers and/or trailers. We also strive to prevent unforeseen damage to your home, unoccupied site vandalism and unauthorized entry onto a construction site.

Our supervisors will maintain photo progression documentation to all projects to ensure quality and the opportunity to make adjustments within the scope of your project. All employees will comply with DEWALT CONTRACTORS ® Customer Asset Protection Equipment (C.A.P.E.) policies and directives to prevent any damage to a clients home, physical injury to an individual or possible consumption and/or inhalation of toxins.

And finally, we at DEWALT CONTRACTORS ® will constantly compare, add and remove suppliers and manufacturers to provide the best prices to our clients and maintain infinitive partnerships with companies whose core values, morals and ethics align with ours.

Respectfully yours;

Mr. Jack Cola,

Chief Executive Officer,