F.A.Q.'s (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.) My last construction project ran over budget. Is this going to happen again?

Have you ever received an estimate from a contractor with an agreed-upon total cost of the job; only to get a week into the work and find out that this project requires more time to complete, more materials and of course more money?

If you’re reading this section, then you’re more than likely have had this happen to you.

Before you discard the contractor or write a negative review; consider this: when you are we having a home, doing a kitchen or bathroom renovation or remodeling; you are opening up the skin of your home. Unless you have x-ray eyes, you can’t see what’s underneath. Yes, there are tools to locate wiring, beams in pipe; but you are relying on the previous contractors work ethic and level of competency that the job was done right without taking any shortcuts.

The wall contractors has partnered with one of the worlds largest power tool companies Dewalt USA. This decision wasn’t just because they make it light weight, rug and tools for every day jobs. And it wasn’t just because we share the name the world and have a love for the construction industry. We’ve partnered with them because they offer tools that allow construction workers the ability to implement wired cameras that are small enough to flow and pipes to test for brakes without breaking walls, ceilings, floors, digging through ground and breaking through concrete. We also use their x-ray eyes, I said x-ray devices to provide a more accurate account without damaging the home of what possible problems you will encounter and knowing firsthand on what they will cost.

When you are sponsored by the largest tool company in the world you can offer great rates and perform quality work.

2.) My contractor is always late.

Relax. Most contractors can purchase the material for a job up to three weeks in advance; but don’t pick up the material until the day they start the project the portion of the project.

Let’s see Dewalt Contractors is scheduled to start construction on your home or office on Monday. More than likely we are demoing on the first day. So we will be on time and arriving at 8 AM. Tuesday is set for the first day of raw construction framing, insulation, wiring, etc. There is no need to pick up sheet rock, spackle, paint, trim and flooring. So we arrive at Home Depot at 8 AM Tuesday morning and we load the construction materials of that day. This prevents material from being damaged during transit, or by accident on the construction site. However, sometimes when we arrive at our suppliers warehouses and the clerks that pull the order aren’t careful, although we inspected all materials prior to the loading of our trucks; it is important possible to catch every blemish. Corners on packages get damaged being shipped and moved on and off loading docks. So new material Hass to be polled and if that was the last of a product at that warehouse; we are off to another supplier and or distributor in another town to get the materials we need to complete your project.

So relax. Take a few deep breath‘s. The start times are very fluid for a variety of reasons.

3.) how do I pay for all the materials before the job starts?

Because of the ever-changing economy and the way gas prices fluctuate; our suppliers are constantly changing their prices. This doesn’t mean that they are on a steady climb, but in order to provide a more accurate estimate and price guarantee we have to lock in the sale with our suppliers, even if we don’t start the project right away.