Unforeseen Issues

A great example of an unforeseen issues when your roof is leaking.

You contact the contractor and he provide you with an estimate to rip off your existing shingles and relay new ones. This is commonly referred to as a ripping relay in the residential construction industry. This is also known as the most scandalous type of construction for consumers.

In most cases contractors start the ripping process and when they are done, identify the bed boards known as sheathing to the customer. The first thing almost every customer thinks is why wasn’t I told about this previously? Or why wasn’t this in the estimate?

So now, The doubts start. You start doubting the legitimacy of this claim and the overall legitimacy of the contractor.

Relax! This is a classic case of no communication. It is a common problem of bad sheathing when your roof leaks. The shingles on your home have broken down and where do you think that water is going? It has no choice but to attack the sheeting underneath.

as you may know, Dewalt Contractors is an infinitive partner of the wall power tools USA. They manufacture a wide range of not only tools but early detection devices. Determining if the sheeting has rotted from rain water and snow is just one of the issues we could spot immediately. But that’s not where this problem is.

So by now, your contractor has picked up on your vibe the vibe being you don’t trust him. So, now that he has ripped off all of the sheeting he probably doesn’t have the capability to detect more from the leak. Mold? Yes, mold!

Where do you think that water that mixes with the chemicals in the shingles and felt paper goes? It drips down the framing of the house, saturate your insulation the pink stuff in your in the walls and attaches to the sheet rock like a sponge before dripping onto your floor. All that while the water is mixing with chemicals and causing mold.

You might see, well the league just started. Unless an astroid fell from the sky and caused a hole and rain water coming down through that hole all in the same day you didn’t just start.

Mostly take a weeks if not months to formulate. The water comes in cold, then incubate with all those chemicals it passes through in the heat and finally appears as a drip. That drip signifies the breakdown of not only the shingles, the felt paper, the sheeting, the framing, the insulation, but also the sheet rock.

Contractors have still certified employees with decades long experience in construction management who are well versed in early detection and out of the scope issues or simply the domino effect that can arise.

DeWALT USA manufactures tool specializing in the detection Of mold. Their devices allow us to take photos behind the skin of your home without damaging the home to show you the mold. We do this at no extra cost; because we know how frustrating a leaking roof can be.

We hope this article has been informative. Dewalt Contractors is committed to teaching consumers about every day issues that happen around the home. We feel the more knowledge you have about home repairs and construction; the more mindful you will be when choosing a contractor to work on probably the largest Acela family can have your home.