Customer Asset Protection Equipment

Did you know our construction workers wear capes? No, not like superhero; but Customer Asset Protection Equipment.

Basically what this means is we are removing our dirty Timberland boots which ran through the mud, stepped in wet concrete and has now dried and sharp jagged pieces in the soul along with some hard tar before we enter your home and replacing them with not just boot covers, but with floor safe shoes that won’t scuff or scratch your floors or tract into your beautiful home.

We have also implemented portable ventilation systems that minimize dust when drilling, cutting, sawing or sanding.

When applying materials that will midfielders and or harmful orders in a closed environment; we use air purifiers to limit the inhalation of these toxins into your home. But that’s not where we stop! For example, we complete and construction on the interior and exterior of your home; series of highly powered electrical mallet magnet to extract a short pieces of metal that me and may have missed during the cleaning portion of your project. We do these things because we want you to be as proud of our work as we are.